Les solutions d'intégration

Our integration solutions

You would like to integrate easily our devices into your solution?

Select the option which suits you the best:

API integration, SDK integration or LayeredApp integration.

iHealth API integration
Synchronize data from iHealth Cloud
iHealth API allows you to retrieve iHealth users data with their agreement.
API integration is ideal if users already use iHealth devices on their own.

iHealth SDK integration
Integrate iHealth devices to your solution
iHealth SDK allows your development team to integrate seamlessly iHealth smart devices to your solution.
SDK integration is ideal if you want a fully integrated solution and have an experienced development team.
App-to-App integration
Control iHealth devices from your app
iHealth LayeredApp is an easy app-to-app solution which connects your app to iHealth smart devices.
LayeredApp integration is ideal if you have already developed a mobile app and want to save time and cost in a seamless integration.

For more information on our integration solutions, please contact us.

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Povratak i razmjene

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