Secure payment

Payment by CB, Visa, Mastercard
Credit card payments are provided by the Ogone e-commerce solution. For each of your transactions, you will be redirected to the 100% secure Ogone platform to ensure optimal security and privacy.

Payment by Paypal (available soon)
You can choose to pay by the Paypal system through your Paypal account, or even without account. Paypal is one of the world's leading Internet payment providers. Paypal is a secure, convenient, and free solution.

Payment by bank transfer
If you wish, you can pay by bank transfer. Information about our account will be displayed after you have chosen 'bank transfer' as a means of payment.

Your order will be sent to you after the transfer has been cashed.

Secure payment

All of your transactions in the iHealth store are 100% secure.

Quick delivery

Returns and exchanges

You have 14 days to exchange your products


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