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iHealth Cookie Policy

A Cookie is a file stored on your computer when visiting a website or consulting advertisings. The purpose of a cookie is to collect information related to your browsing and to provide you with service suggestions that are consistent with your computer, mobile phone or digital tablet

iHealth Website’s purpose is to best meet the needs and wishes of our visitors or Users. This is the reason why we use cookies.

The purpose of using Cookies is to:

  • Memorize your preferences and personal settings: Cookies record your choices, your research on iHealth Website. Thanks to them, the information suggested to you are more and more relevant every time you visit our Website.  
  • Collect and analyze the Website statistics. We can use Cookies in order to establish statistics on the volume of traffic and use of the various elements of the Website (visited contents, paths…) allowing us to improve the value and the usability of our services. These analysis allow us to better manage our Website and its services and to improve their performance
  • Give you access to your reserved and personal area on our Website, such as your account and thanks to the credentials and data that you may have previously untrusted us with.
  • Implement safety measures, for instance by asking you to connect again to access content or a service after a certain period of time.

Cookies Handling

There are several ways to handle cookies. Any settings that you may implement may modify your Internet browsing and the conditions of your access to some services requiring the use of cookies.

You can chose, at any time, to express and modify your choices regarding cookies, thanks to the means describes below.

You can set up / personalize your browser in order for cookies to be recorded on your device or, on the contrary, in order for cookies to be rejected, either systematically or on demand. You also have the possibility to set up your browser in order for the acceptation or refusal of cookies to be suggested to you punctually, before the recording of any cookie on your device.

For further information, please consult the section below entitled « Cookies Set up on your Browser ».  

User’s Consent Regarding the Use of Cookies.

The recording of a cookie on a device is subject to the User’s consent. The later can express or modify at any time and freely his/her choice via the options made available by his/her browser.

If you have approved on your web browser the recording of cookies on your device, those cookies shall be stored temporarily on a reserved area on your device. They will only be readable by the issuers of those cookies.

Cookies Refusal

Should you refuse Cookies storing on your computer terminal or delete the already stored Cookies, you might lose access to several features.

In this case, iHealth shall not be held liable for the consequences related to the operation of the Website services that may be damaged because of your choice to delete Cookies.

Further Information Regarding Cookies

Further information can be accessed on the CNIL Website by clicking on the following link :

Cookies settings on your web Browser

Please chose the section corresponding to your web browser.

For Internet Explorer Browser

In Internet Explorer, click on the « Tool » button, then on « Internet Option » button. Under the section entitled « General », under « Browsing History », click on « Settings ». Click on the « Show Files » button.

For Google Chrome Browser

In Google Chrome, click on the « Tool » icon. Select “Settings”. Click on “Advanced Settings” and access to the “Confidentiality” section. Then, click on “Content Settings”, then click on “Cookies and Website Data”.

For Safari Browser

In your web browser, chose the Edition>Preference menu. Click on « Safety ». Click on « Show cookies ».

For Firefox Browser

Go in the “Tool” section of the web browser, then select the « Option » menu. In the displayed window, chose “Privacy” and click on “Show cookies”.

iHealth Website Audience Analysis Tools Cookies Settings

The User is advised that the Website uses a default audience analysis tool system called « Google Analytics » which relies on the use of cookies.


With respect to this, the User is invited, on this particular matter, to refer to the « Personal Data and Confidentiality Policy section, entitled– COOKIES GENERATED BY THE ANALYSIS TOOL USED BY THE WEBSITE: GOOGLE ANALYTICS, indicating that the User can refuse the use of said « analytics » cookies and that he/she can use a link towards the opposition mechanism entitled: « Click here in order to refuse the use of Google Analytics audience analysis cookies ».


Advertising Cookies Settings

The User shall be advised that the Websites includes default advertising cookies.


In this respect, the User can use the following link leading to the cookie opposition mechanism: « Click here to refuse the use of advertising cookies » (HYPERLINK).


Social Networks Partner’s Cookies Settings

The User shall be advised that the Website offers default direct access to social network partners who also use cookies.


In this respect, the User can use the following link leading to the cookie opposition mechanism: « Click here to refuse the use of social networks cookies » (HYPERLINK).



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