What is the connected health?

Le 15 January 2017

Connected objects are intelligent objects of all kinds that communicate with your smartphone or tablet. They collect information on the different activities that you perform during the day. This information is often stored in the “Cloud” and can then be viewed, tracked and shared by the user. The market for connected objects seem limitless, it seems everything that can be connected will be connected… from watches, cars, tennis rackets, toothbrushes etc ….

According to the latest FIFG polls over 200 billion connected objects are expected worlwide in 2020 and already today 23% of French people use a connected object. This market is really booming. Do not confuse a connected object with a connected health device! We believe that connected health will change both the health practices of health professionals and the understanding of health from the patient’s side. Connected health will help the patient to follow and understand his health, to act before the first symptoms appear, and therefore will have a real impact in terms of chronic disease prevention. Because of this, the market for connected applications and connected health devices is growing.

Health professionals can no longer ignore the emergence of these new tools and are starting to recognize that they are a useful aids to care for patients. Connected health devices and applications contribute to improving patient adherence, preventative health care, lifestyle, care protocols, and facilitate contacts between doctors and patients. Their objective is to support and strengthen the doctor-patient relationship. How do you make the difference between a connected gadget and a connected medical device?

The key lies in the accuracy and reliability of applications and healthcare devices. With the proliferation of these tools we must not forget the most important thing: the accuracy of measurements. The validation and certification of devices used are essential. We must distinguish between products for well-being/fitness and connected health products that measure and collect real health data. All the iHealth connected health products are recognized medical devices, clinically validated and CE marked.

What is a medical device? “A medical device is any instrument, apparatus, appliance, or software intended by its manufacturer to be used in humans for purposes including diagnosis, prevention, monitoring, treatment, mitigation of illness or injury.” Directive 93/42/EEC concerning medical devices. From a simple adhesive bandage to the most sophisticated machines that maintain vital functions, medical devices and in vitro diagnostic medical devices are essential to our health and quality of life. Medical devices, certified and CE marked, are subjected to strict European regulations.

Before placing a medical device on the market of the European Community, the manufacturer must submit his product to a conformity evaluation procedure with the essential requirements provided for in the applicable directive. To discover our range of medically certified health products please visit our site.

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