What is asthma?

Le 30 April 2018

What is asthma?

Asthma is a chronic disease that most often occurs in the form of attacks: wheezing during exhalation, tightness in the chest and dry cough, amongst others. These symptoms are due to an inflammation of the bronchial tubes that overreact to certain factors or situations such as smoking, allergens, viruses and intense stress.

When this disease is controlled, patients can carry out everyday activities almost without problems.

How do you know if your asthma is under control?

Health insurance provides four questions that you must answer to know if this is the case: 

-       Do you have symptoms of asthma during the day more than twice a week?

-       Have you been disturbed during the night or woken up by your asthma, at least once a week?

-       Have you felt the need to take your seizure treatment more than twice a week?

-       Does your asthma affect you in your daily activities at least once a week?


If the answer to all these questions is no, it means that your asthma is under control. If not, we recommend that you check with your doctor. 

What are the solutions to fight against asthma?

There are two types of complementary treatments in the care of asthma, long-term treatment and crisis treatment. The first acts on the mechanism of asthma, namely the inflammation of the bronchi. In order to get the asthma under control and to prevent seizures, the doctor prescribes a long-term treatment that must be taken daily. The second has a short-term effect and acts immediately by dilating the bronchi and relieving the symptoms of the attack.

iHealth Air identifies the first signs of an asthma attack (abnormal decrease in blood oxygen level). It is especially useful in young children where the first symptoms are more difficult to identify by parents.

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