Top 5 Wellness Christmas Gift Ideas 

Le 14 December 2017

With the holidays approaching, are you hesitating over what gifts to buy? Don't panic – we have put together a Top 5 list of ideas for wellness gifts in 2017. On your marks, get set, health!


What could be better than being pampered for an hour or two in a SPA? Offer an unbeatable time of relaxation to those you love.  They will come out as rejuvenated as ever. With the chilly temperatures and uncomfortable weather at the end of the year, isn't this a good idea?


iHealth Lina scale

How about a scale for Christmas? Yes, but a connected scale!
The new iHealth Lina scale is the ideal gift for people who care about their figure, pretty and effective on any support – other scales don't measure up!

Don't wait but order now on the iHealth website.


Shea Care Set

In Africa, massage and body care with shea butter are central to the rituals. Made from wild almonds, very rich in insolubles, shea has rejuvenating properties. A shea care set would therefore be the ideal gift. If it comes from fair trade it's even better!


Air Yoga classes

People who practise this strange discipline perch in a hammock or hang from straps. Air yoga facilitates postures that are difficult for neophytes without putting stress on the back. It's a fun practice for a more toned posture. With all the benefits of yoga – de-stressing, combating anxiety and building muscles without bad effects on your back – isn't it quite a good idea?


Gym membership

The link between sports, wellness and even health no longer needs to be proved. What could be better then than giving people you love a gym membership?
With or without classes, group or individual, there is something for everyone and for all tastes, so might gym membership be THE gift for 2017?


Subscription to organic baskets, beauty boxes, infusion sets from around the world, or a weekend in the mountains to take in a breath of fresh air… Leave us your wellness gift ideas in the comments!

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