The impact of water on your health

Le 21 March 2018

On the occasion of World Water Day, which will take place on Thursday, 22 March 2018, iHealth reviews the benefits of good hydration. Water is one of the main elements of the human body. It is therefore considered the most important after oxygen. Our body is actually composed of 60% water. Adults are recommended to drink 1.5 to 2 litres of water per day. Water needs may differ depending on people, climate or living conditions.

But why is water so important to the proper functioning of our body and what are its specific impacts on our body?

 Water has a positive impact on our body on the sole condition of being safe. It must not contain chemicals or microbial contaminants. Keeping the body hydrated ensures the proper functioning of vital organs. Indeed, it’s a lubricant for the functioning of the joints and the eyes while ensuring hydration of the skin. In addition, it maintains body temperature at around 37 degrees.

According to the World Health Organization, fresh water is essential for humans because it cleanses the body by eliminating waste and toxins.

It facilitates digestion and intestinal transit, ensures the sufficiency of volume of blood and lymphatic fluid in the body. Drinking water allows us to keep our energy on a daily basis and avoid fatigue.

It also has an impact on our brain activity: if the brain lacks water, neurological activity is impaired. This leads to serious concentration problems and memory loss.

Despite all the benefits described above, everyone must pay attention to the type of water they consume.

People with hypertension should avoid mineral waters that require the kidneys to work hard. Filtering tap water is also recommended to prevent it from being full of heavy metals or chlorine.  

Children and the elderly must pay the most attention to hydration. The stimulation of thirst is not yet defined when you are a child and fades as you get older. Everyone should have a bottle of water with them in their daily life: during work, sport and even during the night.

Thus, water is one of the essential elements for the health of the human body, water can’t be a threat if it is drinkable and non-toxic to humans. It benefits metabolism and health through its multiple roles. It brings a lot of benefits and particularly improves the functioning of the body whether for children, adults or the elderly. 

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