The fruits and vegetables of autumn

Le 31 October 2017

As the seasons go by, our body needs different elements to cope with the external changes. And that's good! The season's fruits and vegetables bring us many of the nutrients and micronutrients that we need. It's not necessary to resort to products from another continent or food supplements. Especially since eating the season's fruits and vegetables means eating healthier and at lower cost. Indeed, they need less pesticides to grow, less transport and taste better. We have therefore prepared a list of the Top 5 fruits and vegetables to eat based on the season.


  1.           Salsify is often detested by children but is a strong ally of a healthy and balanced diet. Rich in fibres, it helps combat constipation.In addition, it contains a significant quantity of vitamin B9, which is used in digestion of lipids.


  1.           Winter squash, a vegetable often confused with pumpkin, helps reduce absorption of cholesterol. Rich in vitamin A, it is also an excellent antioxidant. On the other hand, its seeds should not be ignored. An important source of minerals such as copper, manganese, magnesium and zinc, they participate in your body's healthy functioning.



  1.           Figs are a very good source of fibres for digestion. In addition, eaten dried, figs contain more calcium than cow's milk (167 mg per 100 gr for figs compared to 100 mg for cow's milk).Note that figs are a fruit that is very rich in sugar (48.1 gr of sugar per 100 gr of figs).


  1.           Kiwis, according to a study conducted by the University of Oslo, prevent certain cancers by their antioxidant properties. They are somewhat alkaline, which can prove very useful. In fact, they can counterbalance our diet which is frequently too acidic. This alkalinity is a source of many minerals, avoiding the risk of osteoporosis (bone weakening).


  1.           Nuts are shelled fruits which should not be overlooked! They contain many virtues. First of all, their sterol competes with cholesterol, limiting cholesterol's passage in the intestine.Its vitamin E combats bad fatty acids. Finally, it can also help control diabetes thanks to its low glycemic index.


So with all these fruits and vegetables, you're all set to be on top throughout autumn. 

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