Spring fruits and vegetables

Le 21 March 2018

As the seasons go by, our body needs different elements to cope with the external changes. And that's good! The season's fruits and vegetables bring us many of the nutrients and micronutrients that we need. It's not necessary to resort to products from another continent or food supplements. Especially since eating the season's fruits and vegetables is healthier and less expensive. Indeed, they need less pesticides to grow, less transport and taste better. We have therefore prepared a list of the Top 5 fruits and vegetables to eat in spring.

  1.      Cucumber is often synonymous with summer dishes. Rich in water, it allows hydration of the body. Its cucurbitacins, which give it a bitter taste, possess anti-inflammatory properties. It’s also a source of magnesium and potassium which promotes the regulation of blood pressure.


  1.      Artichokes are high in cynarine and fibre, which both promote digestion and weight loss. Another interesting aspect of the artichoke is that its leaves have the capacity to inhibit the synthesis of cholesterol in the liver.

  2.      Radish contains 90% water which makes it a very good way to eliminate toxins from the body. It is also good for the skin, with its vitamins B and C which help reduce redness and stabilise hydration levels.


  1.      Cherries represent a varied vitamin intake including vitamins C, provitamin A or vitamin B9. It’s also known for its diuretic and remineralising properties thanks to its high potassium and water content.


  1.      Carrots: produced in almost all European countries, they have many health benefits: they are good for your skin, your figure and for your sight thanks to the many vitamins and antioxidants it contains. It’s even been said that it’s good for your mood...


So you're ready to take on spring! Your body will thank you for eating fruits and vegetables and farmers will appreciate that you consume locally. If everyone’s a winner, we really don’t see the point in depriving ourselves!

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