Our top 5 healthy AND delicious meals for winter.

Le 08 January 2018

From overindulgent meals to copious amounts of wine, chocolate and other Christmas cakes and sweets, the end of the year probably hasn't been overly restful for your body. We've picked out 5 easy and healthy recipes that you can enjoy treating yourself to whilst starting the year on the right foot for your health.  

1)   Roasted carrots, sweet potatoes and squash with black curry powder and caramelised seeds. 

A seasonal dish that is quick to prepare, delicious and super healthy, as squash is rich in protein, potassium and vitamins, and low in calories.

Discover the full recipe on the Bistro de Jenna blog:



2)   Mini salmon and leek casserole

Combining leeks, which are super low in calories, with salmon, which is rich in omega 3 and minerals, this delicious meal is easy to prepare and great for your health.

Find the recipe on the Cuisine AZ website:



3)  Trout and orange salad

In this refreshing and delicious salad, the orange does a beautiful job of bringing out the flavour of the vegetables whilst keeping you topped up on vitamins, which is especially important around this time of year. 

Discover the full recipe on the Cuisine AZ website:



4) Scallop and mushroom crumble

We have a weakness for this recipe at iHealth: easy to make and super tasty. Scallops are extremely rich in protein and contain the 9 essential amino acids. 

Discover the step-by-step recipe on the Cuisine AZ website:


5)  Pomegranate and nut chicken

An original, surprising recipe that produces a hearty, delicious meal.  Pomegranate juice is an invaluable ally when it comes to staying healthy. It is notably anticancerous, anti-inflammatory and helps to prevent cardiovascular problems. Nuts also help to tackle diabetes, high cholesterol and heart disease.

Discover the full recipe on the Cuisine AZ website:



Which recipe takes your fancy the most? Don't forget to share your favourite winter dishes with us in the comments

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