iHealth Next, the new line of telemedicine solutions from iHealth.

Le 29 May 2017

At the Paris Healthcare Week trade show, held from May 16 to 18, 2017, in Paris, iHealth announced the release of its new line of telemedicine solutions:iHealth Next, which lets health professionals remotely monitor and manage patient data in real time and interact with them.

iHealth Next, a set of innovative solutions for businesses, hospitals and clinics

In order to address the problems that health professionals face, the iHealth brand has developed a telemedicine solution consisting of multiple modules including a web platform, applications and a communication portal which integrates iHealth products.

A single goal:to propose a tailor-made offer to simply connect patients and health professionals.

iHealth Next: a complete and efficient platform for patient management

iHealth offers a platform to effectively manage patients suffering from chronic diseases (diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, etc.) that cause many deaths in Europe. This computer-accessible platform lets health professionals remotely monitor and manage patient data in real time and interact with them. 

It enables:

  •        online consultation with customisable interface and different levels of authorisation,
  •        the possibility of setting alerts, messages and videoconferences,
  •        a patient data dashboard,
  •        file sharing, annotation of images and test results.

Tailor-made mobile applications

The applications, made fully modular by iHealth teams, allow health professionals and nurses in particular, to save time when taking patient measurements with the iHealth medical devices.Each measurement is automatically sent to the patient profile.

For patient monitoring, iHealth has also developed applications which let patients take their measurements at home.Thus they are automatically synchronised with the health professionals’ applications and/or platforms.

iHealth thus meets one of the main goals of today’s hospitals: reducing the hospitalisation time of their patients.

A new communication between connected devices and the cloud

To provide a solution accessible to all, especially seniors, iHealth incorporates the HealthGo Mini package from eDevice with its solution for remote patient monitoring, with automatic data transfer without having to use a mobile device.

This solution lets health professionals efficiently manage chronic diseases and patient treatment.

“With iHealth Next, we are redefining the patient/doctor relationship. Our solution lets health professionals save time, optimise management of their cases and control costs while monitoring their patients at the hospital or at home, says Stéphane Kerrien, CEO EMEA of iHealth Labs Europe.

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