iHealth joins dispensaries to grow sales for 2017

Le 17 March 2017

As part of the Rencontres de l’Officine, taking place on 4 - 6 March, and PharmagoraPlus on 11 and 12 March in Paris, iHealth is rolling out several initiatives to let people know what medical devices are available at the pharmacy. With the aim of helping patients to take care of their own health, and manage and track the development of their illness, these new tools also allow pharmacists to stay on the cutting edge of new technology and to therefore strengthen customer loyalty. According to Stéphane Kerrien, CEO of iHealth EMEA, “the pharmacy is the most logical point of sale for our connected health tools and we are dedicating this year to allowing our dispensary partners to be at the heart of development within this market and to master the technological revolution it represents.” 

iHealth brings the very first travelling station for connected health products to the pharmacy...

The major innovation amongst the various devices that will be made available to pharmacy staff is the interactive station for connected health devices and applications, organised and orchestrated by the websites objetconnecte.net and objetconnecte.com. This is a real first for pharmacies. It aims to teach and inform people about a whole range of connected health products and applications. Installed in the middle of the pharmacy, patients have free access to the iHealth Air pulse oximeter and iHealth blood pressure monitor, as well as to partner brand products and applications: Codesna, Sevenhugs, Pharmagest,
e-TakesCare and Umanlife. Pharmacy customers can therefore openly test these solutions free of charge.

In addition, videos explaining how to use the solutions are linked to each of the health products and applications provided. Thanks to this station, the role of the pharmacist takes on its full dimension, with the whole pharmacy team who are specially trained to respond to any questions. The travelling station will circulate different pharmacies in the months to come, being placed in each one for 30 days.

...And proposes a range of sales assistance tools to accompany pharmacists in educating their patients about treatment options

As well as the interactive travelling station, iHealth is committed to providing connected health tools to pharmacists in the long term. The pharmacy will always be the best point of sale to advise the public about health and prevention. This is why iHealth is providing pharmacists with other educational tools, such as strut cards to facilitate dialogue between the pharmacist and the patient, explanatory brochures for clients, video displays to underline how easy the products are to use and displays with or without videos to increase visibility and accessibility of products available in the pharmacies. E-learning training sessions will also be provided by iHealth visitors to democratise education surrounding connected health amongst pharmacy staff and to accompany them in their day-to-day lives.

2017: iHealth expands its product range in pharmacies with its new glucose meter and two new connected blood pressure monitors

  •        iHealth Gluco+ : a new improved version of the iHealth Gluco glucometer, the iHealth Gluco+ allows the patient to control their blood sugar levels more intuitively with new features: a more legible screen, use of new EGS-2003 strips without QR code (automatic calibration) and Bluetooth 4.0 connection. When connected to the iHealth Gluco-Smart app, the patient can securely log the development of their blood sugar readings, their diet, or their physical exertion, as well as their consequent insulin administration. The iHealth Gluco+ kit is available with a lancing pen, 10 lancets and 10 EGS-2003 strips, at a recommended retail price of €64.89, with 100% social security coverage in France.
  •        iHealth Neo: a newly developed version of the iHealth Feel blood pressure monitor, this product benefits from a new design. Thinner and more intuitive, iHealth Neo is equipped with a screen that allows users to read the results directly on the device itself. It can hold 300 readings in its internal memory, which can be automatically synchronised with the iHealth MyVitals app via Bluetooth 4.0. iHealth Neo will be available in 2017 for €99.95.
  •        iHealth Clear: designed to provide a rich customer experience, the Wifi iHealth Clear blood pressure monitor allows you to check the latest reading on the screen, as well as indoor or outdoor temperatures. The patient can also activate voice assistance (only currently available in English). iHealth Clear can be regularly used by 2 people and can hold 2 sets of 1000 readings in its internal memory. With WiFi connection, iHealth Clear is extremely easy to use, automatically synchronising with the iHealth MyVitals app when first connected. iHealth Clear will be available in early 2017 for €99.95.

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