Four mountain sports to focus on for "a healthy body with a healthy mind"!

Le 16 February 2018

Stays in the mountains are often an opportunity to take a breath of fresh air but they also have health benefits. At altitude, the body is fortified and produces more red blood cells to promote the circulation of oxygen. This is why many athletes train at altitude. But that's not all! Being closer to the sun is good for mental health and for our vitamin D levels which, among other things, take care of our bone tissue. Discover our selection of mountain sports that are good to practice!


1)    Snowshoeing

The benefits of snowshoeing are much the same as those of walking on a beaten path. When the ground is covered in at least 15 centimetres of snow, the activity benefits the cardiovascular system which works without being rushed. Energy expenditure increases if sticks are used as this allows the use of the lower and upper limbs. Snowshoeing can therefore burn 600 calories per hour.


2)    Alpine skiing

Alpine skiing tones the leg muscles and puts a lot of stress on the lower body joints, providing better bone density. However, the benefits of alpine skiing don’t stop there. It also improves balance and coordination, contributing to a sense of satisfaction.


3)    Cross-country skiing 

No matter your age, cross-country skiing is the perfect discipline to keep fit. It is good for the cardiovascular system because it improves endurance: as we know, endurance sports are very good at fighting hypertension and helping to regulate blood sugar levels. Regular activity is effective against osteoporosis. If you suffer from these chronic diseases, don’t hesitate to put on your skis.


4)    Ice skating

Ice skating is a discipline that is excellent for mental health. It relieves stress and helps maintain your posture by using a lot of muscles to balance and move. Working on balance promotes self-confidence and a sense of pride that helps fight anxiety and depression.


You will have realised that the benefits of the mountain are many, and many sports can be fun while taking care of your health! How about you? Are you going to the mountains this winter?

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