For 2018 New Year’s resolutions you’ll stick to, focus on your health!

Le 08 January 2018

January has arrived and it’s that time of year again: New Year’s resolutions. And, just like every year, most won’t last longer than a few weeks! To make things easier for you, we've selected our 5 key resolutions for a healthy 2018.


1)  Eat a healthy and balanced diet

A balanced diet is the basis of good health: give your body all the nutrients it needs, such as calcium, iron, protein, and vitamins in order to boost your metabolism and protect yourself against deficiencies and therefore against illnesses inherently linked to poor eating habits.

If you're stuck for ideas, browse our simple and healthy recipes, posted every Friday on our social media channels.


2)  Stop smoking

Smoking is one of the most common addictions in Europe. Every year, quitting smoking is in prime position on our lists of New Year’s resolutions, however in practice, it’s not that simple. Regularly consuming tobacco multiplies your risk of heart disease. The benefits to your health once you quit smoking take effect very quickly. For example, 24 hours after your last cigarette, your risk of heart attack is already lower.

To successfully quit smoking for good, seek help from your family and friends, your GP, or even specialised institutions such as Tabac Info Service.


3)  Exercise regularly 

Regular physical activity benefits your mental and physical health. Sport can help to tackle anxiety and depression, for example.  If you're not a sporty person, go for a walk once a day: the most important thing is that you’re active in some way on a daily basis. 


4)  Sleep well 

We are often reminded of the importance of getting enough sleep in order to be fit and healthy.  And it’s true! When we are asleep, most of our bodily organs and cells slow down. Blood pressure and skeletal muscle tone is reduced, lowering your risk of having a stroke.


5)  Understand your body with connected health 

77%1 of French people consider e-health to be an effective way of keeping better track of their biological health indicators. Thanks to the connected devices and applications that exist on the market today, users can take action to improve their health by having a better understanding of their bodies. Using the data collected by such devices and applications, users are able to track their parameters over time using personalised dashboards, as well as set objectives and share their results if they wish to. An effective solution for taking control of your own health and reducing your risk of illness.


Motivate yourself! You will be surprised to see that small daily changes can make a huge difference and help make sure that you have a healthy 2018! Don't forget to share your health-related New Year’s resolutions in the comments! 

1 The White Paper of The French National Medical Council, "Santé connectée, de la e-santé à la santé connectée” (Connected health, from e-health to connected health) January 2015.

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