Be careful of nasty colds!

Le 21 February 2017

1)    Boost your immune system:
30 minutes of exercise a day helps to boost your immune system. It’s also good to make sure you have a healthy, balanced diet- try making a soup with seasonal vegetables.

2)    Sleep:
Getting a good night's sleep is very important because if your body doesn't rest, it is more prone to weakness and thus can easily be infected. You should therefore try to go to bed a little bit earlier in winter so you can accumulate enough sleep in order to stay in shape.

3)    Wrap up when you go out:
Warm clothes are key if you don't want to catch a cold. Don't hesitate to wear lots of layers to stay warm and also cover your extremities: your head, hands, feet and, most importantly, your neck!

4)    Have the heating on in moderation:
When it’s cold outside, it’s always tempting to turn the heating up at home, but that isn’t really recommended. It’s better to keep your home at around 19°C in general living spaces and around 18°C in the bedrooms. Also, even though you might not want to, it is strongly recommended to ventilate each room for around 10 minutes everyday to let fresh air in.

5)    Wash your hands regularly:
This might seem obvious, yet every year many people pass viruses around and winter viruses are no exception to the rule. It’s therefore important to wash your hands several times a day!

In some circumstances, washing your hands is imperative:

   before and after each meal;

   before preparing or serving meals;

   when you get home;

   after using public transport;

   after going to the toilet;

   after blowing your nose;

   after using objects that have been used by an ill person (keyboard, phone, remote control, etc.) or after shaking their hand.

In order for it to be effective, you need to wash your hands properly to avoid any germs being passed on. For that reason, you have to wash your nails, fingertips and wrists with soap for at least 30 seconds and then dry them with a clean towel.

 You now have everything you need to protect yourself against those nasty colds going around this winter. Good luck :)


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