5 tips to stay healthy during end of year celebrations

Le 06 December 2016

This is what we advise you to do to enjoy this time of year to the max:


Limit quantities of food and alcohol during December.


We know that nobody likes depriving themselves at this time, and the first mistake people make is giving up before even starting the battle. In fact, we often celebrate Christmas before it arrives. Shop window displays from November remind us that the Christmas holidays are approaching, and make us want to enjoy this time to the max, without depriving ourselves – 'It’s the holidays, I’ll sort myself out after' – then many dinners, one after the other: company Christmas do, parties with friends, pre-Christmas nibbles with family members… so, we must pay attention to eating balanced meals during the whole time and limit what we consume. We can allow ourselves excess during the Christmas week, not before!


Do exercise before and after festive meals.


We are not talking about going for a run an hour after your Christmas dinner, absolutely not, that would be bad for digestion! But, if you can, go for a run 2 days before and 2 or 3 days after. You will see that your body will thank you, you will get rid of all toxins that you have accumulated more easily, in a lot less time.


Sleep well and sleep lots!


We know that the body rejuvenates itself during sleep, and this enables it to digest and get rid of toxins accumulated during the party season better. Avoid consuming stimulants before going to bed (alcohol, caffeine, tobacco, etc.), go to bed early and enjoy a night of rest that your body will have truly deserved. You will be on top form for going for a run the next day at dawn!


Breathe in some fresh air.


Enjoy times of relaxation between Christmas and New Year’s Day, to go for a walk as a family when it is a bit brighter (between midday and two o’clock). Breathe in some fresh air, walk at a good pace to make your body work smoothly, enjoy being out in the daylight to get recharged with some

vitamin D. In winter, the sun is not out for very long, and you must therefore benefit from sunny periods as much as you can.


Enjoy time with your family.


The link between happiness and health no longer needs to be proved. Enjoy the party season by spending good times as a family, especially if you don’t see close relatives often. Make many

memories before going back to work, so you don’t feel as though the holidays have gone by too quickly. Enjoy the present moment to have a happy mind, your body and your health will thank you!


There are several tricks, far from being too strenuous, for staying in shape and good health during the party season. So, this year, don’t wait for 1st January to make your New Year’s resolutions!

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