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iHealth wireless body analysis scale

This scale is no longer available for sale. Please look at our iHealth Core, our new body analysis scale

The iHealth HS5 body analysis scale measures weight and BMI, but also calculates body fat indices, lean body mass, muscle mass, bone mass, water mass and your visceral fat rating.

Why should I use a body analysis scale?
It is useful to regularly monitor your weight and body composition to stay healthy. This allows you to track your weight and to avoid significant weight gain or loss that are often sources of complications. It also helps you to measure the effects of a balanced diet and of regular physical activity.

What are the advantages of a connected body composition scale?
Measuring is easy, it’s what you do with the result that is important… The iHealth HS5 calculates all your different body indices (fat, lean mass, muscle, bone mass, water, visceral fat rate. Once connected to the iHealth MyVitals App (available in iOS or Android) you can see the evolution of selected indicators in really easy to understand graphs and tables. Set yourself goals to achieve better results!

Why we love it
With its sleek design, the iHealth HS5 will fit perfectly in your bathroom. The iHealth Core supports up to 10 users, so that each family member will be able to weigh himself or herself and access their own data.

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